Plexus Windshield Cleaner Group Buy

Nick C

New member
Hello RMFTC. I've been using Plexus plastic cleaner for the last few years on the airplane windows. I got it through the Aero Club holiday gift exchange and Neil says it's A-OK to use on the planes. The stuff is great and the windshields come out squeaky clean. I keep it in a ziploc with a microfiber towel in my flight bag that way it's right there every time I fly and makes it easy to remember to give the windshield a quick scrub.

Here's where you come in.

You can get 1 can on Amazon for $20 and it goes down for more volume. If anyone else is interested, I'll buy a larger quantity to bring the price down. 12 cans gets it down to $15/can. For an extra $2 I'll get some microfiber towels so it'll be a complete kit. With tax it would be $18 total per kit.

Let me know if you're interested and I can order them up and drop them off at the Aero Club. You can pay via cash, or Paypal. I guess I could take a check too :)

-Nick Cirincione

Mark M

New member
I used Plexus extensively on my Grumman Tiger and SR-22. It's the best stuff I've ever used for plexi windshields, although lemon Pledge will work in a pinch as well.

I also used the DuPont Sontara wipes in lieu of microfiber, some will say microfiber can scratch, but they will not if well lubed.

I just picked up two cans myself, otherwise, I'd be in.