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Hello all. Back at flying after 20 years. I've always used MS Flight sim as a way to help with navigation workload/procedures. Back in 2000 there was no ATC for home simulators and I wished they could have a program that could provide that. Now that I'm back at it I've ran across pilotedge. Pilotedge is a pay system that provides real live ATC to home flight simulators. It is not a low quality site full of volunteer aspiring ATC simmers but real live former or current ATC operators. They have both VFR and IFR capabilities and run the gambit of all airspace classes to complex IFR approaches. They have all kinds of great training material/courses too and I promise you; if you use a simulator you will benefit greatly from this. For new pilots it gets you over the radio fear and for old pilots it keeps your Radio lingo sharp.

How I've used it
- Brush up on class C operations at KCOS. clearance, ground, tower, and departure go to the TNG area and repeat in reverse. Radio frequencies are exactly the same as in real life as with all taxi ways/NOTAMs/and runways.
- Class B departure and arrival trial and errors We don't get the land in class B that much (or at all)
- Common local area XC flights with ATC KCOS-KPUB KCOS-KAPA KCOS-KAEJ I can practice both the NAV and the ATC comms.
- Conduct the different radio and navigation challenges to get VFR and IFR pilotedge ratings.

What I've learned
- Many radio mistakes that I will not (hopefully) do in real life
- Reading back wrong clearance instructions and being called on it and corrected
- Overworked on radio resulting in me not following proper flying altitudes and traffic patterns. ATC calls you out on it and it is embarrassing! But, no call from the FAA or risk of life in a SIM!
- Flight following procedures in and around the Denver area, LAX, Salt Lake, and Phoenix.
- GO/NO Go situations then conducting alternate airport navigation if you use real world weather connection to sim
- They will disconnect someone else if they are messing around and not conducting radio comms in accordance with FAA regulations.

I get nothing from pilotedge for mentioning this. I think it is great as long I use it for its intended purpose and take every sim flight as serious as a real flight. hit me up for questions or text 719-822-7588

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