New FAA AC 91-92 *Essential* For Preflight


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FROM: Society of Aviation and Flight Educators

In government parlance, new AC 91-92 on Preflight Briefing 'provides guidance for required preflight actions under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91.103.'

"This brand-new AC is actually a HUGE repository of online resources," enthused David St George, SAFE Executive Director. "Using it almost ensures a successful oral for diligent pilot applicants preparing a sample flight on the practical exam."

The March 15 AC compiles any pilot's top resources for proper preflight planning and links many of them. For example, westbound from Denver through the Berthoud Pass, where would you look for real-time weather in the pass? It's FAA's Weathercams website, of course, along with hundreds of other cams showing difficult weather locations in the US and Canada. "And that's just one small example from literally hundreds of preflight resources," said Kevin D Murphy, SAFE Communications Director. "This 21-page AC may be the single most immediately useful AC the FAA has ever published. For CFIs with responsibility for teaching what all available preflight information means, it's invaluable."
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