New 17R/35L Runway Lights at Night

Nick C

New member
Hey All,
I reset my night currency in 1450U last night. 2 stop and goes on 17R and then 1 full-stop on 13 to finish off. The runway lights on the freshly refurbished 17R/35L are very bright at whatever setting they had them at. I noticed that it made it very hard to distinguish height in the flare. I thought it was just me until I did my last landing on 13 and had no problems at all. I think the runway lights on 17R/35L might be bright enough to ruin your night vision, or maybe it's just how the new lights hit the windshield. The thing I noticed was that the landing light from 50U was not really noticeable on the ground. However, when I went over to 13 I could easily see the landing light on the runway and easily gauge my height. I didn't put 2 and 2 together that it could be the new lights until I went to 13 so I didn't have a chance to ask them to turn the brightness down if possible.
I would say, next time you're landing on the new West runway, pay special attention to how bright the lights are and if you think it's ruining your ability to gauge height in the flare. I know next time I'm on that runway at night I'll ask tower to turn the brightness down to see if that makes a difference. If you get a chance to land on the new runway at night I'd love to hear your thoughts!