Interesting instrument approaches


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I've been using Xplane 11 to do some practice instrument approaches. I've found a few recommendations online.

You can lookup the free FAA approach plates at

  • KOCF - ILS or LOC/DME RWY 36 ( DME arc)
  • KMTJ - VOR Rwy 13 (DME arc and holding)
  • KASE - LOC/DME-E (Dual VHF navigation receivers required)
  • KMTN - VOR or TACAN RWY 15 (DME arc)
  • KCJR - VOR-A (Holding at the IAF)
  • KROW - HI-ILS or LOC RWY 21 (Complicated high performance approach we used to have T-38 students fly)
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