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    Register for new Scheduling System - Flight Circle

    Great news! We are working on setting up our new Scheduling system, Flight Circle. Flight Circle will eventually replace WingsARS, but not quite yet! We are in the Set up phase, so as soon as you can, please follow the link to set up your new account with Flight Circle. Before we open up...
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    Club Aircraft Pictures Needed

    Justin sent a few high resolution images of a few of the club aircraft (Thanks Justin). I'm looking for more images to add to each aircraft's details page. Specifically, if you have good photos of the exterior and instrument panels, please either post them here in this forum thread or email them...
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    House Passes Amendment To Reverse FAA Flight Training Policy

    Source article from AOPA An amendment included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would reverse the FAA’s sudden change in flight training policy for certain types of aircraft garnered approval from the House of Representatives September 23. The bipartisan amendment put...
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    What IFR equipment is in the club airplanes?

    What approach mins can be used with GPS approaches in club aircraft? LPV? LNAV/VNAV DA? LNAV MDA?
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    What IFR equipment is in the club airplanes?

    Another question. Are the Garmins WAAS or non-WAAS?
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    What IFR equipment is in the club airplanes?

    Thanks Nick!!!
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    Sep Safety Meeting

    Is there going to be a Sep in-person safety meeting?
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    What IFR equipment is in the club airplanes?

    Does anyone know what GPS equipment is in the club aircraft? I'd like to learn the right equipment. I know many GA aircraft have Garmin 430s but not sure what the club is using. The cockpit photos are really old, small and illegible so I can't tell from the pictures.
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    FAA 709 ride - The Unwanted Flight Check

    Interesting article from Aviation Consumer about the 709 check ride:
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    NOTAM FDC 1/7071 has been published that will affect flight in the area during President Biden's planned visit. 30 NM RADIUS TFR Location On the MILE HIGH VORTAC (DVV) 221 degree radial at 3 nautical miles. From the surface up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL. Times: 12:45 PM MDT...
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    CANPA calculator

    I put this calculator on it's own domain so it's fast and easy to get to at NOTE: It only uses Javascript so Javascript must be available. This also makes it useful in-flight as no internet connection is needed after the initial page load.
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    Mastering GPS Procedures

    I found an interesting video about mastering GPS procedures from
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    CANPA calculator

    I added the time it will take to fly the distance specified at the calculated ground speed. I also added a link to this on the Aviation Resources page
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    Mountain Flying Slideshow?

    Thanks Nick. That would be awesome!
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    Added METAR to the member home page

    I now have the ability to pull METAR data easily. I'm displaying the KCOS current METAR at the top of the member home page. I have the ability to add more if it's needed. The METAR data is cached for one minute so it's pretty current. What do you think? Do you like it? Should I add other...
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    CANPA calculator This is a 6-minute walkthrough video I made I think the calculator is looking pretty good now. Here's what it does: - Popup a choice of local airports to examine - This pops up a window to select an airport. The list shows the distance from KCOS...
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    Drop down fixed

    After you login, the upper right corner shows your name with a dropdown. When I upgraded to the latest version of Bootstrap, that broke. I just fixed the code so it's now working with this new version
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    CANPA calculator

    One final tweak. You now enter the wind speed and degrees from the runway heading. The headwind and crosswind components are calculated and applied for you:
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    CANPA calculator

    I expanded the calculator so it now calculates KTAS, Density Altitude and Pressure Altitude and added the wind component to calculate a ground speed in knots...even if the IAS is MPH. This is the current weather at KLXV (Leadville) using the RNAV (GPS)...
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    CANPA calculator

    I just built a CANPA calculator you can use to calculate the non-precision constant angle descent for non-precision approaches: It is linked on the bottom of the Flight Planning page. The calculator uses Javascript so you don't need to reload the page...