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    Register for new Scheduling System - Flight Circle

    Great news! We are working on setting up our new Scheduling system, Flight Circle. Flight Circle will eventually replace WingsARS, but not quite yet! We are in the Set up phase, so as soon as you can, please follow the link to set up your new account with Flight Circle. Before we open up...
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    Club Aircraft Pictures Needed

    Justin sent a few high resolution images of a few of the club aircraft (Thanks Justin). I'm looking for more images to add to each aircraft's details page. Specifically, if you have good photos of the exterior and instrument panels, please either post them here in this forum thread or email them...
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    House Passes Amendment To Reverse FAA Flight Training Policy

    Source article from AOPA An amendment included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would reverse the FAA’s sudden change in flight training policy for certain types of aircraft garnered approval from the House of Representatives September 23. The bipartisan amendment put...
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    Sep Safety Meeting

    Is there going to be a Sep in-person safety meeting?
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    What IFR equipment is in the club airplanes?

    Does anyone know what GPS equipment is in the club aircraft? I'd like to learn the right equipment. I know many GA aircraft have Garmin 430s but not sure what the club is using. The cockpit photos are really old, small and illegible so I can't tell from the pictures.
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    FAA 709 ride - The Unwanted Flight Check

    Interesting article from Aviation Consumer about the 709 check ride:
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    NOTAM FDC 1/7071 has been published that will affect flight in the area during President Biden's planned visit. 30 NM RADIUS TFR Location On the MILE HIGH VORTAC (DVV) 221 degree radial at 3 nautical miles. From the surface up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL. Times: 12:45 PM MDT...
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    Mastering GPS Procedures

    I found an interesting video about mastering GPS procedures from
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    Added METAR to the member home page

    I now have the ability to pull METAR data easily. I'm displaying the KCOS current METAR at the top of the member home page. I have the ability to add more if it's needed. The METAR data is cached for one minute so it's pretty current. What do you think? Do you like it? Should I add other...
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    Drop down fixed

    After you login, the upper right corner shows your name with a dropdown. When I upgraded to the latest version of Bootstrap, that broke. I just fixed the code so it's now working with this new version
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    CANPA calculator

    I just built a CANPA calculator you can use to calculate the non-precision constant angle descent for non-precision approaches: It is linked on the bottom of the Flight Planning page. The calculator uses Javascript so you don't need to reload the page...
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    New FAA AC 91-92 *Essential* For Preflight

    FROM: Society of Aviation and Flight Educators In government parlance, new AC 91-92 on Preflight Briefing 'provides guidance for required preflight actions under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91.103.' "This brand-new AC is actually a HUGE repository of online...
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    FAA Safety Team - Virtual Aviation Safety Week March 23-27

    I had an email from the FAA promoting a series of safety webinars from March 23-27: This PDF has a description of each webinar and links to register for each one: NW_Mountain_Virtual_Aviation_Safety_Week_-_Event_Agenda.pdf Distracted Pilots – Mr. Tom Letts Tuesday - March 23, 2021 1300-1415...
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    Favorite airports in the local area

    What are your favorite airports to fly to in the local area?
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    Do You Take Notes with a Pencil or an iPad?

    I'm old school and used to fly with a kneeboard and a pencil. It won't run out of battery power or over heat. I see benefits in using note taking on your EFB. Foreflight just released a new version with pretty nice scratch pad templates ( see...
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    Tracking of Safety Meetings bug fixed

    There was a bug that the safety meeting video links weren't recording that you clicked on the link to watch a particular safety meeting. That has been corrected. Please click on the links for all of the safety meetings you want credit for at
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    Microsoft Excel Pilot Logbook Spreadsheet

    I made this spreadsheet to track my civilian flying. Pretty easy to use and a nice backup to make sure you're adding up the columns correctly in your paper log book. Enjoy.
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    August 2020 Safety Meeting - Operating Club Aircraft

    August 2020 Safety Meeting Quiz Hot start procedure is not to be used on a cold engine. True or False? The starter may be engaged for no more than 45 seconds. True or False? Always prime the engine before starting. True or False? If the engine RPM drops more than 150 RPM during mag check...
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    New discussion forums

    I'm a relatively new member of the Aero Club but have been flying since 1979. I was an Air Force instructor pilot in the T-38A, KC-135R and the T-37B. I've also been writing code since 1974 and am happy to help the club rebuild it's websites, including adding these discussion forums.
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    What iPad apps do you use when you fly?

    I use ForeFlight and Xavion. ForeFlight is what I use most of the time. Xavion is primarily used as a tool for engine failure. Xavion was created by Austin Meyer, who created the Xplane 11 flight simulator. He's an aeronautical engineer and a pilot. The biggest feature of Xavion that I love...